Friday, February 4, 2011

What a wonderful friend I have!!!

I have some of the best friends in the world!  And my friend Justine is one of them!  We have a few things in common, and the rest is just entertaining!  We met on the Paper Craft Planet site a couple years ago, and became fast friends!  We share a fabulous and wonderful friend in common, Karolyn, and the three of us get along like long lost sisters!  I have actually never met either one of them in real life, but thanks to wonderful technology, we have been able to skype, and actually see in real life what the other looks like!  Hahaha!
Anyway, earlier in January, Justine had a small hospital stay, and Karolyn and I sent her flowers.  To thank me, she sent me not only a card, but a small treasure trove of embellishments for my vintage cards!
Because I'm like a kid at Christmas, I opened it all up before I thought about taking a picture of it first!  So, the picture that I have below is after I have opened it and looked at everything!  She had a really nice bow, and the one I have on here is not so nice!  But, the package itself is so pretty!  And oh my gosh, the treasures inside!  I will definitely be hoarding these lovely items forever!  Ok, I MIGHT use them! Maybe for Justine and Karolyn!

Thank you SO much Justine!!!!!!  I LOVE it all!!!!!!!  Maybe you'll see some of these things on that recipe box I promised you at Christmas!  You might get it sometime this year!  LMAO!!!!!  ;)


  1. You are welcome, Cannot wait to see how you use them! NO you CANNOT use them on anything for me!! This was a great post, just so you know, I actually READ THE WHOLE THING! LOL

  2. Me, too! I read the whole thing! These embellies are amazing! I can totally see you using them with such flair and finesse. Can't wait to see what becomes of them. Something delicious, no doubt!! We are lucky to have each other as friends, arent we . . . so lucky. Hugs, friend!


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