Thursday, September 4, 2008

Did you know....?

That April 23rd is World Laboratory Animal Day? Just thought you might be interested! I was playing around w/ my new stamps from Kitchen Sink Stamps and I brought out Pretty Tera Drops. This set is kind of like Pick a Petal from Stampin' Up. You have a few petals to choose from, a stem, and some little petals that you can use for other things. So, I took one of the large petals and made a mouse! And what goes better w/ a mouse, than some cheese! Now, do mice really like swiss cheese? Who knows! But, since this is the most popular in regard to mice, I figured I would make swiss cheese out of my cardstock! I used several circle punches and two different eyelet hole makers (is there a proper word for these?) to get the look I wanted. Then, I "sliced" the cheese down to make it more like cheese. I grabbed Celebrate from my All Year Cheer and stamped that on vanilla. Oh, the cheese is Barely Banana. I drew a banner around the celebrate and cut it out. I attached w/ a toothpick!

For the mouse: I took that large petal and ran it across my Sahara Sand ink pad to make it look furry. I don't really know if I achieved that look! Then, I used a small circle stamp to make the eye. And a small petal stamp stamped in Pretty In Pink and cut out. I stamped the same petal and just used the top round part for the nose and mouth I guess. The tail is a small stem.

So, it's something different from this Pretty Tera Drops! Can't wait to find more uses for this set!

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Have some cheese!
"Cheese" you later!
Happy Stamping!!!


  1. What a fun card! I love the banner you made and that mouse is so cute. Great job.

  2. This little mouse is just the cutest!!!:D
    So very clever!!!!


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