Friday, September 12, 2008

Etched tea cup

I was checking my email and I regularly get email newsletters and stuff from PaperTrey Ink. I love their stamps and everything else they have come out w/! And I vow, that when I have money, I will buy some of their stuff! And I love reading Nichole Heady's blog. She comes up w/ some really awesome ideas! Anyway, they have something else that they send out via email that has designer tips. So, one of the design team has a special thing on their blog that they have a tutorial for. I went to the blog, today's is from Lauren Meader and she showed how to stamp on glass and then etch the image permanently. I actually had come across this somewhere when I used to teach at Michael's. I bought a bunch of glass ornaments and etching cream called Armour Etch, brought the bag home and then forgot about it! Until today! I went right to the bag, (since my crafting room has recently been reorganized, I knew where it was!) and took out the Armour Etch. I collect snack dishes as a hobby, and with those snack dishes come tea cups. So, I have a TON of teacups that I just don't use. Ever. So, as I was thinking about what I could etch, I suddenly thought about these teacups, and instead of throwing them away, I could stamp on them, etch the design and sell them! So, I grabbed one, cleaned it of fingerprints and dust!, and stamped it w/ the clump of trees from Lovely As A Tree (only since I had it out!) w/ Versamark. Then, I clear embossed it, and then sponged on the Armour Etch. I let it dry for about 15 min. I couldn't wait!!!!
When I washed the residue off, I thought it had all come off! I got so mad! I thought, I should have waited longer!!! Then, I dried it off and realized that there was a film on the glass, and then the image started to appear and I knew it had worked! Now, this is obviously my first time, so the etching is rather faint, but it's there! The next thing Lauren says to do is to scrape off the embossing. So, I did that and washed it again and it's even prettier!!!!

I put a cinnamon stick tealight from PartyLite (since it's a clear tealight) in there and decorated w/ fallish ribbon for a small detail.

What do you think?
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Happy Stamping!!!


  1. Erin this came out fabulous! It definitely takes some practice and leaving it on. It must have been hard stamping around the cup! I commend you on a perfect job!!

  2. Hi Erin, I came across your blog by way of Lauren's blog via the PaperTrey's email. Well all i can say is wow, for the first? humm, couldn't tell it by me! You did a really! Did you use the embossing buddy powder Lauren talked of? Keep up the good work, you did a really good job on the butterflies and all too!


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