Friday, September 12, 2008

More etching.... I can't stop!!!!

So.....I decided to try some more etching and entering in to the Kitchen Sink Stamps monthly challenge. Now, this may be a stretch for this month's theme: Celebration!, but how about if I'm providing the plates and cups for the big celebration?! Does it work???!!!!

I used Kitchen Sink Stamps' 3 step Butterflies, but only used the last step images for stamping on here. It's glass, so it's not like I can do 3-d effects. Unfortunately! Again, I used the Armour Etch and waited a lot longer. And can I just tell you, that it really does make a difference how you apply the Armour Etch. If you splotch it on (is that even a word?!!), then it's not going to be a clear etch. If you go up and down like Lauren (see link in previous post) Meader showed in her tutorial, then it comes out nice and clean! Another thing I learned is that it's SOOO much easier to scrape off the embossed images under lukewarm running water rather than let it dry and THEN try to scrape it off. I learn things the hard way.... And the last thing I learned was that it doesn't matter if you put some reinker into the Armour Etch, the etching doesn't pick up the color. :( I thought that would have been cool!

Anyway, tell me what you think!!!!

Happy Stamping!!!


  1. Erin - your plates and cups are amazing!!!!!!!!! OH MY!!!!! :D

  2. Erin, What a cool thing to do with the cups!!!!! I can think of lots of ways to use that etching.....want to etch our new basement door?????


  3. Erin, Your plates look great. What a wonderful idea. I can think of lots of uses for the etching.....want to do our new basement door?????

    Love, mom

  4. Love your glass etching - i am glad I am not the only one who can't stop - I can see a few trips to the thrift shops coming - trying to find glass serving plates like those to do. Love the butterflys.
    If you want to see - check mine out -


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