Monday, September 15, 2008


This card was made for the VSN Warm Up! I am participating in the fall VSN over on Click here for all the details! Come and see what it's all about! So much fun! This VSN theme is Cabaret! Now, I have to admit, I had to watch Cabaret clips on YouTube just so I would be a little knowledgeable! I had no idea! Thank God for the internet!

Anyway, the warm up challenge tonight was to make a card based on your favorite songs. Well, I have WAY too many favorites! Just ask my husband who just rearranged all of our cd cases! So, I decided since the theme is anything relating to entertainment, to base my card off of a musical that I watched. I first made a list of a bunch of musicals and plays that I have seen. Then, I tried to match stamp sets to some of the songs in each of the musicals/plays.

Here's my first one. My mom and I went to see Wicked 2 weeks ago, and I absolutely LOVED it! I hope they come out w/ a movie, because I will buy it! Anyway, my favorite song in Wicked is "Popular" when Galinda takes Elphaba and tells her that she can teach her to be popular by showing her how to toss her hair perfectly, have the right shoes, right purse, right accessories and clothes. It's really a cute song! I have it on my blog, so scroll down and click on it and listen!

I made a wheel to go behind the clouds, because I didn't want to show everything that "Galinda" was thinking of for "Elphaba" (I know, she's not green). So, I took pictures of each image that I stamped on the wheel. All of the details for this card can be found here. I am NOT retyping all the colors I used! There's WAY too many!!! And this card isn't even that big! LOL!
Thanks for looking!
Have a great day!
Happy Stamping!!!

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