Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Loads of.....Flowers!

I have been wanting to make a card and use my old stamps. I tend to reach for my new Kitchen Sink stamps, and I have to give them a break and use what I have! So, I started out w/ Loads of Love and Living Large. I had several backgrounds in mind, and then I thought about all the designer paper that I "forget" I have, and make scenes instead. Which, there's nothing wrong w/ that, but when will I ever use up all this paper I have!!! So, I looked through a drawer and found a Glitter Mat Stack from who knows when and flipped through it. I really liked the sparkly flowers, so that's what got pulled. I really like this paper because it looks like it's raining flowers! Then, I remembered a layout from a long time ago where someone had a half circle on the folded part of the card and then designed their card around that. So, I wanted to try it out. I love that scalloped look around different shapes, so I thought I would achieve that same look w/ my decorative scissors. Then, I wanted to do something w/ the truck from Loads of Love, so I made it 3-d! I love doing this w/ different things! Look below!

I wanted to do something for the inside, and I had this girl that I had decorated to put on the outside, and ended up running out of room. So, I stuck her here! I like her here actually, because she ties the outside to the inside!

To keep the flap closed on the front of the card, I have a magnet that seems to be doing the job! Woo hoo! I used a metal tag to connect the Wild Wasabi ribbon.

Thanks for stopping by!

I'm sending Loads of....Flowers your way!

Happy Stamping!!!

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