Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New order!

I just got an order from my cousin to make her different cards and she would pay me! Yay! So, I came up with 8 different cards. I need to make one more, I miscounted. I thought I had 9 last night when I was taking all these pictures. I was SO ticked that I didn't have 9!!! But, I was too tired to worry too much about it! I'll do the last one tomorrow. Too bad I don't need a birthday card! I just got my StampingBella stamps in the mail today! Yahoo! I'm so excited to use them! They are super cheap, because there's nothing to them! I need to buy EZ-Mount from JoAnne's (Shhhh - it's the competitor!) so that there's some sort of cling on the backs so I can use my acrylic stamp blocks.

Anyway, one of the stamps is "Cupacakabella" and this "bella" is sitting on top of a cupcake! It's super cute! I also got a "fella" for my "bella"! I got "grillabella". It's this guy who is holding burgers and standing near a grill. I got "minivanabella" where there's three kids hanging on a mom and there's a minivan in the background! Super cute as well! Then I got a "cardbackabella" for the back of my cards! And one little stamp that is a stack of cupcakes. I can't wait to use them!!!!

So, back to the subject at hand.... Here's 5 out of the 8 of the cards I made for Denise. I hope she likes them! If not, don't be surprised to see one of these cards from me in your mailbox!

I'm not doing any recipes for these cards. You'd be here ALL DAY AND NIGHT reading!!!! Plus, I'm sure there aren't any cards on here that you all would want to make anyway!

Happy Stamping!

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