Friday, June 20, 2008

Relay for Life!

Yesterday I was involved in the Relay for Life in the Pittsburgh area. Our team alone raised $2,000.00. I, myself, raised $500.00! So, if anyone is reading this that has already donated, thank you!!!

As part of the whole relay, every team had bags and baskets to auction off. I didn't know about this until the day before the event, so mine is a little sparse, but oh well!

I had a couple white bags left over from another project, so I found the PartyLite logo online and copied it to Word. I made it really big and then printed it out on Vellum. I cut it out and ran it through my Xyron and stuck it to the bag! Perfect!!!!

For the individual bags, I used "Think Pink" from My Favorite Things and colored them red, white and blue (w/ a little So Saffron) for the American Cancer Society colors. The sentiment says, "We're in this together" because we are all in this together. From donating, to walking, to actually going through it, we are all in this together. And one thing I learned yesterday is that no one should have to go through it alone. It's extremely scary, and there is a huge support system available. It's a heartwarming and humbling experience to go to these races and events and walk among the survivors and be reminded of all the ones that we have lost w/ the luminarias.

This is the main thoroughfare at Bethel Park H.S. where we walked. There were all kinds of teams lined up along the sides w/ food and drinks and other items up for auction.

This was the other end of the "track" that we walked on. We walked the sidewalk w/ the bricks to our Left. We walked in half hour increments.

This is our "PartyLite Celebrates Your Life" tent. Our theme was St. Patrick's Day. (We had to choose a holiday and that was what was left!)

This is one of the many events that went on throughout the day. This is a hoolahoop contest. They had a water balloon contest, frozen t-shirt contest (the first person who thawed out their shirt first and put it on won), and some others.

Have a wonderful day!
Remember: Live your life to the fullest every day!
Happy Stamping!!!

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